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YOUR Impact

GEAR the World works with nonprofits and charities in the United States. It also partners
with micro-entrepreneurs in 12 developing countries around the world.

International developing nations where GEAR Enterprise partners with local micro-entrepreneurs.

A GEAR Enterprise Story

In many developing nations, families live on as little as $2 a day. That’s extreme impoverishment. Systemic poverty, in turn, offers little work opportunities for people to survive, let alone get ahead. Marnella is a single mom and micro-entrepreneur, or small business owner. After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, her circumstances went from bad to worse with her only son. However, she found an opportunity with a friend who was selling shoes for pennies on the dollar.

Marnella worked for her friend selling these repurposed shoes. She worked long and hard hours, but every day when she went to work, she knew she was doing it for her son. In time, with a lot of effort, she was able to save enough to create her own business. Marnella established her own micro-enterprise. With her own business, the work load only increased; however, she knew this was an opportunity she was creating for herself and her son. She sold shoes 7 days a week and sometimes for 12 hour days.

In time Marnella went from earning $2 a day when she started selling shoes to over $70 as a micro-entrepreneur. What was more important for Marnella is that her son never had to leave school to help provide for the small family. In fact, the same strong work ethic Marnella had her son also developed. He graduated high school and last year started college – a first in the family.

In the meantime, Marnella has hired a small team of friends and family to work with her. She is now looking to pay forward the opportunity that was given to her by her friend years ago.