Working With Charities Helps Companies

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April 15, 2016
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April 30, 2016
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Working With Charities Helps Companies

originalMany branding consultants believe that companies should align themselves with positive change and working with charities helps companies. It can expand the role of a company’s brand into the culture at large, inspiring internal and external stakeholders to engage and to take action. By working toward a social or environmental goal, a company begins to blend integrity and positive change with both its products and its corporate image—the end result isn’t only financially beneficial, but it also elevates a company in the eyes of the public. A recent article in The Guardian notes, “It’s the marriage of storytelling and integrity of what they’re doing that gives them credibility in the marketplace, and it lives in your mind.”

Patagonia, for instance, highlighted in a 2011 full-print advertisement the environmental costs of its best-selling sweater in the name of full transparency. Starbucks used its “Shared Planet” slogan to highlight to its customers that the company is committed to using high quality, ethically sourced, responsibly produced and fair trade goods.

Corporate sustainability is on the rise, and as major companies like Starbucks and Patagonia work to become sustainable, even more companies will follow suit.

If you work with a company that’s interested in becoming sustainable, contact Gear The World. We partner with companies around the world to develop unique sustainable efforts that provide lasting positive change.


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