Get Involved

Get Involved

GEAR the World allows donors the flexibility to give to charitable and philanthropic causes in a number of ways.

GEAR & Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is aligned, in today’s world, to the bottom line and business objectives of companies. GEAR the World understands that corporations are serious about meeting their CSR goals. GEAR the World provides real service to donors. At GEAR, we understand the importance of tax breaks, free product pickups and social impact. But, we go further. We work in alignment with corporate marketing departments to create a comprehensive narrative for corporate donor shareholders, customers, media and the general public around their donations to GEAR. This includes how corporate donor products are making a social impact and difference in their communities and around world.

GEAR & Foundations

GEAR the World offers a great option to foundations that want to increase the capacity of local service providers. By working through GEAR, foundations can receive the information their organizations and board need to know and understand:

  • Data that shows the impact of product donations.
  • Program opportunities that are created on the local level.
  • Increase of a foundation’s grant with a GEAR the World matching product grant.
  • Leverage of existing relationships with local charities leading to new relationships with potential foundation funders.