Donating After a Disaster

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March 2, 2016
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Donating After a Disaster

nepal_custom-b21aa4a95034845c067f65a6788bb5da84e36623-s1300-c85Disasters, like recent earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan, occur around the world more often than we would like. Relief organizations rely on donations—both product and money—in order to help those in need quickly and effectively. Still, it is important for a company or an individual to be educated and find the organization to support that has a positive reputation for getting things done. This will help ensure that your donations are being put to good use in the most effective manner possible.

As a recent NPR article notes, when you are thinking of donating after a disaster, especially product donations, make sure to verify that the nonprofit clearly states how they are helping those impacted. For example, an organization may feature a page on their website outlining their plans to provide aid for a specific event—some will even list information concerning the types of donations they need. Charities should provide detailed information concerning how donations will be used. This helps to ensure that your donations are going to the right place.

You can also use a charity like GEAR The World that pre-vets all of the charities working on the ground following a disaster, so you can feel confident that your donation is being put to good use and helping the disaster survivors. GEAR The World will also share the impact of their disaster work by creating multi-media impact stories that are showcased on the site and shared with individual and corporate contributors. To learn more about GEAR The World, click here.


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