Different Buy One, Give One Models

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March 15, 2016
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March 30, 2016
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Different Buy One, Give One Models

BOGOThere are many different Buy One, Give One models. But which is right for you?

In addition to having varying business models, buy-one-give-one companies often differ in the manner in which they donate products. Most have traditionally followed the same basic format in one of two ways:

  1. producing the donated item themselves and relying on a nonprofit partner, like GEAR The World, to distribute the product; or,
  2. donating matching funds for a single item to their partner organization which then sources and distributes the product.

Although the name of the business model might imply a literal one- for-one donation, some businesses donate cash or a different product altogether.

Even the more literal buy-one-give-one companies, donate a product that is slightly different from the one sold to consumers. Manufactured at less than 50 percent of the cost of their retail shoes, the shoes that Skechers gives through their BOBS Shoes program have been given to over 13 million children around the world. Other companies combine the two models, donating a product and a percentage of profits or sales for every product purchased. For example, KNO Clothing donates 50 percent of profits in addition to a pair of socks to partner organizations that are combating homelessness in the United States.

Companies also vary in their approach to marketing the social mission. Although some communicate the giving model clearly on or with their product, others practically eliminate explicit messaging of the social mission altogether.

Whichever of the different Buy One, Give One models would work best for you, GEAR The World can you help you create, market, and manage the donations. Click here to learn more.


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