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Corporate Social Responsibility in 2016

05-Apr-2016-Image1-768x512Earlier this year, PwC released their 19th Annual Survey of CEO’s called, “Redefining Success in a Changing World.” They interviewed 1,409 CEOs and found how these CEOs look at charitable programs and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The survey showed that 64 percent of these CEOs felt that some sort of charity or corporate social responsibility in 2016 is core to their business rather than being a stand-alone program.

CEOs aren’t only responding to customer needs, they’re aware that their competitors and peers are also preparing for the future. Five years from now, many believe that the most successful organizations will have shifted their views and priorities by embedding corporate responsibility into their business reporting.

Li Huaizhen, President of China Minsheng Investment Corp., said, “Once you have done your bit - fulfilled your social responsibilities and formed a community with shared interests, with local people - they will welcome your projects and provide huge support. So a company’s own interest and the social value it provides are closely connected. In fact, this is also a kind of investment, and it always brings returns.”

Fernando Gonzalez Olivieri, CEO, CEMEX, Mexico added, “The first companies to understand and embrace this will be the companies that will be on top of the trend and doing better business than others.”

Working with charities and a focus on corporate social responsibility builds trust with employees and customers.
This research supports the idea that when there is a high level of trust in a company, it drives business performance by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. A high level of trust also makes employees more committed to staying with the company, partners more willing to collaborate and investors more prepared to entrust stewardship of their funding. The organizations that build trust seem to garner significant benefits.

Gear the World believes that a great way to start your corporate social responsibility in 2016 is with a simple donation of products already in your warehouse. We can help develop the messaging around your donation and your company can start to see the immediate results of your gift. Email us today to learn how.  

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