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April 10, 2016
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April 24, 2016
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Companies Looking for the Best Charities

CorporateresponsibilityWe all take some best practices of other successful companies and apply them to our own. So what are some best practices around a company being charitable?

Not too long ago, there was an article in The Guardian about how major companies are competing with one another to champion new or crucial social or environmental causes. Obviously, to be a success a company has to focus on providing the best services possible or by releasing new and unique products that capture customers. But how can your company stand out in the crowd of other companies that are going after the same customer in the same way?

“Corporate social responsibility is getting competitive,” Simon Mainwaring, CEO of brand consultancy We First Branding, said at a sustainability conference in Los Angeles earlier this month. “Hurry, carve out what you want to own now.”

A 2013 Nielsen survey of 29,000 respondents from 58 countries around the world noted that 50 percent would be willing to “reward companies that give back” by paying even more for their services and products. In other words, consumers around the world care about social and environmental issues, and they’re willing to support companies that are open to championing those causes—even if that means paying a little extra for services or goods.

Companies are realizing how important it is to align with a charity. Much like the race to innovate in order to deliver better products and services, faster and easier, this kind of competition is a win-win for businesses and charities like Gear the World, that promote the greater good.

Donating products to Gear the World and promoting it to your customers will not only allow your company to stand out from its competition but maybe even charge a little more for the good work your company is doing. Click here to learn more.


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