4 Ways Gear The World Will Help You Market Your Product Donation

Corporate Social Responsibility in 2016
May 11, 2016
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4 Ways Gear The World Will Help You Market Your Product Donation

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A sparrow landed on Bernie Sanders’ podium in Portland Oregon back in March and the internet loved it. Within hours, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were flooded with trending topics about it, you can check out the video from Bernie 2016 here.

This week, a mom wearing a Chewbacca mask went viral. (Both of these examples will be so outdated by the time you read this – Sorry!)

You can’t predict what will go viral

But that’s the thing with “viral videos.” You can’t predict them. You definitely can’t plan for them. They probably will seem outdated by the time you are ready to talk about them. You can’t create them because you can’t predict what will make people go crazy. But there is something you CAN do. You can be ready for them. And GEAR The World knows you can leverage trending topics about our partners’ brands.

4 Ways Gear The World Will Capitalize Trending Topics Around Your Product Donation

1. Social Listening – We keep our ears to the ground.

The first step to taking advantage of any trending topic is to listen for them. That’s why we monitor trending topics around product donations, disasters relief efforts and our donors’ brands. We take a news room approach, listening to the conversations happening online and react in real-time.

2. We work with your team to stay on message.

In the example above, Bernie’s response framed the sparrow on the podium as symbolic, stating that the bird was a dove asking us for world peace. Obviously his response wasn’t planned. But it was totally and completely on message. The lesson here? GEAR the World will start with your company’s mission when framing a trending topic.

And we won’t force a connection between a trending topic and your donation or brand if it doesn’t feel natural. That will make it awkward for everyone. We find an authentic connection, indoctrinating ourselves into culture at large.

3. We seize the moment with content marketing. We are always on. Connecting with your audience in real-time to take advantage of the organic conversation.

Bernie’s team published their YouTube video with a call to action THAT DAY asking viewers to visit Bernie’s website and donate. James Corden had the Chewbacca mom on his show within two days.

The lesson here? When something trends, GEAR The World will help you get there first. Our communications staff will work with your team to publish stories quickly. You give us clear brand guidelines and the ability to put you on speed dial and we will make donation inspiration happen!

4. We know the power of native ads to combat ad fatigue and ad blocking software.

Honestly, as a charity, we can’t promote your products. We also have to be considerate of all of our product donors. But we know how to create opportunities with native ads to promote your partnership with GEAR The World. Creating this kind of organic content through native ads is more likely to be accepted and consumed. Content created about how your company is helping to change the world can cut through ad fatigue and work around ad-blockers to reach more customers.

There are some donors who like to keep their donations anonymous and we can make sure that happens if you desire. But if you want to raise awareness of a cause you believe in, promote your brand and encourage others to do the same, we believe that GEAR The World has the best strategy to help make that happen.

Call us up today and find out how GEAR The World will help you market your product donation.

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